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Loaded with cherry flavors, this Imperial Saison still seems to keep a firm grasp on the rustic flavors of the style. Perfect with roasted chicken or even beef perhaps, not mention some heavy, sweet deserts.

beer + food = Barleydine



SAISON | 7.60%

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, brewed with the rare and sought after Sorachi hop. Brooklyn purchases the entire Sorachi crop form a small farm in Oregon. This beverage is a true delight. Loaded with a unique hop flavor, this Saison is a total original.

Pairing suggestions: Calamari, Salmon, crab, fajitas and salsa

beer + food = Barleydine


SAISON | 6.40% ABV

Saisons are the perfect beer style when the season changes to heat and humidity. With a full crisp flavor and unique aroma, these beautifully rustic beers are so refreshing and go well with many of the wonderful offerings that may grace your grill. Delightful with marinated grilled chicken or perhaps some grilled salmon. Shrimp kebabs or grilled crab cakes would also go so well with these great summertime beers.

Jack D’Or from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project is truly a remarkable take on the Saison style. Labeled by them as a “Saison Americain”, it’s easy to understand their take on Jack. As with all of their beers, Jack D’Or was not made to fit the Saison category, it was made to be delicious and as a tribute to some of their favorite beers. It’s typical of Americans to force beers into categories, many beers made world wide truly do not fit categories per say, they are made to be unique and delicious. Pretty Things does just that with all of their beers, most notably Jack D’Or, their flagship beer.

Pairing suggestions: grilled chicken, grilled salmon, shrimp kebabs, grilled crab cakes.

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Saison/ Farmhouse Ale | 4.5% ABV

A- Caramel, orange, and yellow mixed together with a frothy two-finger head in my snifter. Looks damn impressive, if I do say so myself.

S: FUNKY. Wow. Brett, tart, wet dog, musty clothes, grassiness, and mild overripe fruit.

T: Very good. The tartness and sourness is there, but the sweetness adds depth. This beer is more than it appears at first sip. While I feel like it lacks a certain ‘punch’ that a higher ABV might have delivered, for a 4.5% beer it is pretty damn tasty. A unique farmhouse, a tad bit funkier than most I’ve had. Fruity pear and unripe banana, mild grass clippings, and some notes I can’t quite put my finger on. Tasty, though.

M: Tart, light, and highly carbonated. Nice. Very dry.. Moreso than I’m used to seeing.

D: Moderately high. An easy drink, but I took my time with this one to draw it all in. And I’m glad I did.. this is a very good beer and Jolly Pumpkin is 2 for 2 in my book!

beer + food = Barleydine

Reviewed by Showokawada @ BeerAdvocate



On occasion we come across some beers that aren’t easy to find. Brasserie Fantome brews about a dozen varieties within the Saison family and is among some of the hardest to find beers in the world. It’s not often that you see Fantome on the shelf of your favorite beer store and when you do it’s in small numbers. Belgium is home to Fantome, a small brewery still brewing traditional, handcrafted beers as they’ve done for hundreds of years. Of the beers that I have had, each has been an absolute pleasure to partake in. With their complex aromas and flavors, these are very versatile beers that can blend into many different dishes.
On to the beer…
Fantome Saison, probably the best known of the Fantome family is a benchmark in the world of Saisons. I suppose one could compare it to Saison Dupont, the most famous of the Saison family. Even though these beers are brewed within the same style, just like our many American versions of Pale Ale’s and IPA’s, breweries produce noticeable differences in their Saison beers. Fantome Saison is very different from other Saisons that I’ve had, mostly from it’s sourness and spiciness. First, Fantome seems to pour heavier than others I’ve had and has a bit more color to the amber hue it possesses. A beautiful white head builds atop the beer that so elegantly laces the glass. The aroma is superb. A fantastic blend of floral and spice notes with a tad of hops to top it off. Flavor is so complex, many factors paly a role in making a beer with such a wonderful taste. There is a sourness that stems from several fruit flavors, the Belgian yeast that imparts spicy and earthy tones in the palate. Also, the malt in Fantome seems more prevalent than other Saisons that I’ve had. This beer is a powerhouse of complexities. Furthermore there is a medium body and lots of carbonation to help carry flavors and cleanse the palate.

Time for the food…
Saison’s do quite well with seafood, given the natural sweetness of the meat. Also, depending upon the seasonings and spices used, you can link up well to a Saison. My choice for the night was to do a light pesto with shrimp. The dish ended up being pesto shrimp and spinach over penne. I finished the dish with walnuts, grape tomotoes and gorgonzola crumbles. What a spectactualr combination it made with the beer. The pesto linked right up to the complex spice notes of the Saison, while the sweet shrimp and grape tomatoes mellowed with the moderate malt flavors. While the bitter hop flavors cut the heavy cheese and pasta on the tongue laying the flavors of spices and seafood straight onto the palate. Carbonation was quite aundant and left the mouth cleansed and the palate refreshed for the remainder of the meal. Quite a fantastic dish to pair with such a remarkable beer.

beer + food = Barleydine


   Generally speaking, Salmon would be paired with a more robust beer, given the flavor and intensity of such fish. This pairing came to me though, given the rustic flavor of a Farmhouse Ale, which matched and complemented the Salmon quite well. Below is a brief overview in the preparation of the meal.
   Start with a 6-8 oz. portion of salmon, your choice of type. Spread a light coating of mayonaise over the top of the fish, I use Hellman’s Canola, then sprinkle with onion powder and Dinosaurs Foreplay Rub. Bake for around 30 mins., check temp. continually around 25 mins. and remove from oven at 140ºF. 
   You’ll want to use fresh broccoli, start by rinsing in cold water and patting dry. Cut the crowns from the stems, I had about 5-6 crowns medium per person. Boil until fork tender, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and drain, add butter to taste.
   I cheated here, prepared from a box, follow directions on the package.
   All the flavors seemed to compliment one another quite well, although the rice was a bit salty for my taste. The beer matched the fish quite well, a little bite of fish followed with a swig of Hennepin, delicious. Farmhouse Ales are quite rustic, unrefined Belgian style beers, a rebirth of beers brewed by, yes, farmers. You can easily alter this recipe in any way, substitute here and there, perhaps a baked potatoe instead of rice or preparing your fish in another manor. I just recommend the Hennepin with salmon.


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