Imperial IPA | 8.00% ABV

Lately I’ve been on a quest searching for copious amounts of hops. I have tried some seriously heavy hitters lately. Beers such as Pliny the Elder, Gordon, Gubna, Odyssey and so on. Seems the Imperial IPA is the beer fad of the moment and this is one fad I’ll follow. It wasn’t too long ago that Wild beers and Sours seemed to be the highlight in the brewing world. Things change quickly. Anyway, one more beer to add to my list is Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, not a favorite, but still a great beer.

Beer notes:

Hop Stoopid I would say would lean more to the West Coast style of IPA’s. Which if you don’t know, is a difference in malt. East Coast IPA’s have more of a malt backing to stand up with the hops. Left Coast style is a golden beer, hopped beyond comprehension.

Anyway, Hop Stoopid is golden with insane amounts of hops on the nose. This thing is advertised at 102 IBU’s, that’s far higher than most DIPA’s. Hops are the only thing you taste on the tongue. With a unit count that high I challenge anyone to notice event the slightest bit of malt in that beer.

Pairing suggestions:

Beers this hoppy need some seriously heavy foods. I’d say find the biggest, greasiest burger you can find, slathered in mayo, with cheese and bacon. This will definitely cut that sandwich. If your looking for desert, your going to need uber-sweet to stand up to this beer. Carrot cake is always recommended with IPA’s. Your going to need sweeter than that though with this beer. I’m thinking more along the lines of peanut butter pie with a chocolate drizzle. You know, the one you order and a slice an inch wide comes out, but even that amount makes you half sick. That my friends can stand up to Hop Stoopid.

beer + food = Barleydine




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